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The United States Department of Agriculture says they are considering removing chocolate milk from elementary and middle school cafeteria menus as an initiative to reduce sugar intake. In February, the agency opened a comment request and requested feedback on its proposal to revise school nutritional standards. Since it was published, the proposal has received over 92,000 comments, including limiting added sugars in school lunch and breakfast, as reported by ABC News.

Another suggestion the USDA proposed is reducing the amount of strawberry and chocolate milk in high schools but banning them completely in elementary and middle schools.

“A few respondents recommended that USDA disallow all flavored milks in the programs; one advocacy organization was concerned that offering flavored milk every day would train a child’s palate to prefer sugar-sweetened foods.

“Another advocacy organization focused on public health suggested that if USDA continues to allow flavored, low-fat milk, it should establish a limit to prevent schools from serving flavored milks that are high in added sugars.” Some also noted that schools would issue whole milk as an alternative to strawberry or chocolate milk. “A few respondents suggested that USDA allow whole milk to be served in the school meal programs, arguing that whole milk would help reduce food waste and provide children with important vitamins and nutrients.

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