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S3fa Wins Applause After Schooling Ignorant Bulldog About Depression on United Showbiz.

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S3fa, a young Ghanaian artist, has been receiving positive feedback after teaching the oblivious Bulldog about depression on United Showbiz.

S3fa took Bulldog to the cleaners after he declared on the show that people who get depressed are ‘stupid’.

She calmly and emotionally explained what depressed people go through, emphasizing that everyone’s experience is unique.
Nonetheless, their feelings are all valid, and it is incorrect to dismiss them and label them as stupid.

S3fa admitted that she suffers from depression on occasion, which manifests as her withdrawing from everyone and being alone.

She observed how others’ depression manifested itself through suicidal ideation.
Watch S3fa below…

Her intelligent submission has fans fawning over her whilst many describe Bulldog as the stupid one.

“Wow beauty with brains, not the other (Bulldog),” one fan wrote.

“Sometimes, people need to do research before they open their mouth and talk about such things. Having a platform doesn’t give you the right to talk any how. Well done to Sefa. 👏👏👏👏🔥” another added.