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My girlfriend sleeps with other men to make money for us

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Hello senior please help me with this I really need advice Anonymous as always. So I met this gal at my school we offer degree nursing in one of the private universities in Kumasi The first time I met her was on a road side around campus she was indeed of hostel so I tried my possible best to get her one so we all came to leave in the same hostel but different rooms .
So FF we got to know ourselves well she was already in a relationship problems but that didn’t concern me cos I never meant to date her cos I broke up with my woman so I didn’t want any relationship drama 🎭 .
So one day I visited her in her room she wanted to cook for me but I told her I’m okay 👍 So we were having normal conversations all of a sudden I started to feel something strange from her she started talking about sexual stuff but I confess to her I’m a virgin so I don’t know what she is talking about . Long story shot everything happened that night I mean we hard sex 🥺 so later in the day she asked me if I’m interested with her and I told her since she got me broken 😞 I’m interested and ready to date her 🤧 .
I was then financially stable but intend to travel so i invest a lot in the traveling and even still on it 🥺so I became broke when I met her .😣 I wasn’t able to do my responsibilities and I explained to her this and this is why I can’t afford her needs for her so she told me not to worry, because  she will be there for me in anyways. She has been supporting me since I met her . Nowadays She has been cheating and anytime I catch her and question her she will be like um 😶 doing all these to get money to help as both of them making naughty calls in my presence. She can even go out and come in around 2am midnight 🕛 and anytime I talk same answers .😣 This gal knows my situation and now telling me to get her iPhone 📱 12 pro max. I told her to relax will try and get her one next month but still she is insisting 😣 now.  She is telling me I’m not making her happy and she can’t take someone’s money to feed us again so she is not interested in this relationship again and has even given me time that if I don’t get her the phone or don’t do my responsibilities she will leave .

She knows my situation already oo hmm …..   Frankly speaking I love this girl a lot And confused 😕 pls help a brother with an advice pls 🥺😭🙏