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My business collapsed abruptly because of my girlfriend

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Right after completing university, I had a breakthrough in my online business and I was making not less than GHS 2,000 a month. With my work, i can earn up to GHS 5,000 a month when consistent. I made that income for 2 months before moving to live with my girlfriend for my NSS since she had no where to stay at that time. I couldn’t use my savings to rent for her so I had to rent and stay with her. Fresh uni graduate. This my girlfriend too and high demanding stuffs when she sees money is on you.

When you don’t have money, she sometimes act up but mostly cooperate when in hard times but when there is money, her demand is high forgetting there is tomorrow. So we rented and as usual, we used my job money I have saved to do some partial furnishing.

A month after I moved in with her, we went for a funeral in her hometown. The following month, my business collapsed abruptly. I have tried resurrecting it for a year now and its still not resurrecting especially when I involve her in the steps I’m taking. She’s very prayerful tho. She has been praying for me like crazy but things are still not working. So I enjoyed my business money for 4 months and I’m back to square 1 of hustling  every single day.

Throughout my 1 year NSS period, it wasn’t easy at all. Luckily, I got some side job that was paying 700gh per month so I was using it to hold body but it wasn’t easy still. Sometimes, I have to find food for my gf whiles I sleep hungry by drinking water because the food available is for 1 stomach. I got a loan from a friend which I’m still paying to see a spiritualist and at the end, I had to do some cleansing and wait under the makers sky for miracles to happen. Months passed and still not seeing anything.

Went back to the spiritual man and I was asked to be patient. Maybe not every malam miracle comes at once. Well, for now, all hopes on the creator and the god I visited for divine breakthrough. But most at times, my dreams and my soul speaks to me. The lady I am with is very good but we don’t meet. Our spirits don’t meet. Sometimes, it can be like that. Not all that happens physical is what it is in the spirit world. Because we don’t meet, things will be hard, especially for me the man who want to break her spiritual bond with her spiritual partners who hasn’t approved us. Maybe, I also have mine who doesn’t approve us as well. Well,

I’ve tried severally to let her know we should part ways and see how well life will treat us after. But this girl has a degree in emotional blackmail. The way she can cry and even hurt herself in the act, you will be surprised to watch. Not forgetting she switches a lot. She’s very disrespectful at most times. The insult she will give you, you can cry for days non stop, and 1 second after disrespecting you, she will come apologising for the whole day. Spiritually, I feel we don’t match. I’ve secretly started another online business and this time,

I haven’t told her any upgrade about it. Funny enough, it is somehow doing well even though its not yet in the money making stage. I want out but I don’t now how to arrange that because I’ve tried the normal breakup several times and it doesn’t work because of her attitude and emotional blackmail. So I ask. Is it good to opt out?

And I’m I being a bad person here please let me know your opinion ???