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Mahama addressed NDC supporters: “If our numbers don’t rise in the Ashanti Region, we can’t win in 2024.”

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer candidate John Dramani Mahama has emphasized the significance of the Ashanti Region to the success of the opposition group.

He claimed that if the NDC receives a substantial number of votes in the Ashanti Region, they will have a strong chance of winning the upcoming general elections.

On the first day of his regional campaign tour, the former president and potential NDC 2024 flagbearer told supporters in Nhyiaeso that the NDC’s support in the area was important to the party’s chances of winning any election.

I’ve always maintained that the Ashanti Region is crucial to the NDC’s success if we are to win the elections in Ghana.

We tend to assume that Ashanti is not our stronghold, so we relax, yet occasionally the numbers we receive from Ashanti are greater than those from two or three regions.

“So, we are going to work hard in Ashanti, the boot to boot I have talked about is here,” he concluded. It’s do-or-die time now. We don’t want anyone to be taken advantage of, and we won’t let anyone take advantage of us.

“We won’t let you cheat,” he said, defining boot to boot. It’s comparable to a soccer match in which you wear boots while using your feet, but you don’t want me to play similarly. Get together, and let’s see who gets the ball.

During his campaign tour last week, Mahama reaffirmed the slogans “boot to boot” and “do or die” to party supporters in the Bono East Region’s Tain and Banda seats.

“I am certain that the NDC will prevail in the 2024 elections. Hence, the election will be a make-or-break event, and we shall face off against them at the polls.

In addition to saying that the NDC wants transparency so that the decision of the people will be carried out after the polls, he added that the party will be extremely watchful at the polling places during the general elections in 2024.