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I got pregnant for him and he ghosted and abandoned me. Read full story

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Hello, please this is not a confession. I need some advice on what to do. I’m the lady who got pregnant, ghosted, and abandoned cos I refused to get an abortion. He was called an extortionist and all sorts of names. Was even told by him and his friend that the baby wasn’t his.

Fast forward, I’ve given birth. I gave birth last year in September. I didn’t contact or try to reach him because I was really hurt and I just didn’t want him to think I was reaching out to him cos I wanted to extort from him. My baby girl is now 6 months old. I have to do her birth cert but as a foreigner, I can’t do it without him being present or without his details. , some of you would say, just give her your last name but then, the law actually works and he’s financially stable. If I end up doing such without his consent and he ends up coming to look for her later on, I might be sent to court. (Said by the lady at the birth cert office.

She advised I put aside what happened and call or reach out to him which I ended up doing after one month. Funny enough this guy who blocked my number and called me names with his friends picked up immediately after my call went through. I explained my reasons for calling. He said, he was sorry, he was not denying anything and he never knew I had given birth which I know is a lie. He asked for her name and said, he knows some people who do the birth cert thing, so he would get in touch with them, find out what to do, and get back to me. He asked if it was alright to call me later in the evening that day I said yes.

He apologized again and all and said, I should forget about the paternity thing he said or whatever he said last yr, he was upset and cos of how the youths have been deceiving each other, he thought I was doing the same. Smh. He asked if he could meet her, I was reluctant but he added, with my permission. I was just okay and we ended the call. I waited for that evening cos I had to get his details for the birth cert or find out what his decision was. He later sent a msg around 12 something am dawn saying he’s been asleep the whole day so the next day.

The next day nothing. I texted but didn’t reply. On the 3rd day around 3.:45 am, I was breastfeeding my girl, and his message came in he was apologizing again and said that he would call this morning saying his sleep routine has been off and all that lol. Smh! I replied that he should call that minute cos I know him too well but I thought about it, he might be feeling sleepy so I said you know what, tomorrow morning is fine. And up till now, he still hasn’t called.

Here’s the case where the woman said, if he wants to forfeit his right to her he needs to put it in writing so he doesn’t come claiming her later on and now, he said, he’s not denying her or anything. He wd call. But he checks as he dey go off and on. Don’t know what to do.

Kindly advise.