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How do you know when it’s time to leave a relationship?

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  • Lies: The stories keep falling short of the truth. White lies, major lies, etc they just never stop


  •     Emotional Abuse: You make it very clear a certain behavior/action hurts you, but they continue to do it anyway.


  • Friends/Family: The people closest to you warn you over and over again this is not a good person.


  • Reality: This person keeps showing you who they are with actions. They say one thing and do the exact opposite.


  • Selfish: Your partner isn’t who they portrayed in the beginning. They are some of the most selfish hurtful people you have ever met.


  • Break: You are on yet another break. And they make it a goal to point out they are finally in a healthy relationship with a more secure partner.


  • Priority: Your feelings no longer matter. When you try and express a feeling you are met with insults of being, clingy, needy, and crazy.


  • Convenience: If you aren’t needed, they will make it known. Only taking you off the shelf, when it benefits them.


  • Disgust: While you still want it to work. You’ve finally become disgusted with who this person really is. You see them for the selfish, manipulative, abusive person they are.