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Empress Lupita allegedly traveled to Nigeria for ‘charms’ after God Papa rejected her marriage proposal.

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Empress Lypita and her husband Godpapa, a TikTok couple, have been trending on social media after a video of them dancing half n*ked surfaced.

Kofi Adoma, a media personality, conducted a series of interviews to learn more about the couple who allegedly murdered two of their children.

Following Kofi Adoma’s interview, the couple’s families have joined the conversation, telling their side of the story.
Pastor Dan’s godfather (Lupita’s husband) has apparently also spoken.

He has admitted that Lupita is the root of their problem.

He warned Dan not to marry her, and he agreed, but Lupita poisoned herself in order to manipulate the situation.

Later, when she was in better shape, she traveled to Nigeria for charms to fight back.

Lupita, according to the godfather, was giving Dan various types of gifts when she returned from Nigeria.

She once gave Dan water to drink, and after that, he never shaved his hair again.

Despite the warnings, the two lovebirds left the church and married, and that is when the real problems began.

View the video below;

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