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Man Arrested for Child Porn After Wife Discovers Hidden Camera in Their Home, Turns Him Into Police

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A California man was taken into custody for allegedly possessing more than 900 child pornography images, NY Post reported. His wife discovered the disturbing photos in a hidden camera in their home, and she called authorities and turned him in.

On March 8th, 34-year-old Ryan Rovito was confronted by his wife about a hidden camera she had found in their guest bathroom, according to the Redding Police Department.

Rovito confessed to placing the camera there and told his wife he would throw it away. However, her motherly instincts told her to remove the hard drive it was connected to. The woman reportedly called the police over concerns about her children being recorded.

Police received a search warrant for the devices and detectives conducted a preliminary forensic analysis in which more than 900 photos of child pornography, as well as multiple videos from the bathroom camera, were found, reports reveal. “The videos showed children and adults using the bathroom who appeared to be unaware that they were being recorded,” police said per the outlet.

Rovito was arrested during a traffic stop and was booked into the Shasta County Jail. He faces charges of “possession of child pornography and the surreptitious recording of an identifiable person who was undressed, “The Post reported.