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KiDi is not suffering from a stroke, Richie Mensah breaks his silence over a viral report.

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Richie Mensah, the head of Lynx Entertainment, has denied rumors that KiDi, one of his artists, is suffering from a stroke.

Unverified sources stated that the Ghanaian singer had a stroke today, March 16, 2023. While KiDi’s name quickly rose in Ghana’s Twitter trends as a result of the accusation, the singer’s fans began to worry and inquire about it.

Richie Mensah has categorically denied the claim, stating that his artist is not suffering from a stroke. The rumors, in his opinion, are clickbait.

“KiDi hasn’t experienced a stroke. Forget the clickbait and rumors “He stated as much in a Tweet sent out this evening, March 16, 2023, at 6:50 PM. Since then, the post has provided comfort to worried followers.

“Amen. I wish they would have released this news with the same urgency that they release his projects! How about Ghana?” Adding to what one Tweep said, another “It’s remarkable how these bloggers claim to know stuff in order to get influence. They have no confirmation from their source or nothing”.

KiDi postponed his American trip in late February due to health issues. He wrote, “It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the postponing of my Golden Boy North American Tour, in a post uploaded on his social media networks. I am aware of how very upsetting this news is for many of you. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic you all were to come see me on this tour, and I was really looking forward to our time together.

Due to health reasons, I’ve had to decide to postpone the tour, and I want everyone to know that this decision was not taken lightly. A tour of this size and the amount of dedication required might put my health at danger of further harm.

If I am in much better health than I am right now, I can guarantee that our encounters on tour will be worth all you’ve given me as an artist. I apologize to Duke Concept and all of my admirers. I appreciate all of your wonderful assistance. I adore you all so much for everything you have done for me and are still doing.

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