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I used to work as a teacher for GHC 150.

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Fameye, a musician from Ghana, said that while he worked as a teacher, he received a salary of GH150.

The rapper said during a conversation with Accra FM that he had held a teaching position at Mempeasem, a school in East Legon close to Trinity.

Fameye claims that the teacher took pleasure in working with children and frequently sang jamma songs for them. He also says that the students gave the teacher the moniker “Teacher Peter” because of their positive interactions with him.

“In Mempeasem, which is near Trinity in East Legon, I have previously taught. You don’t need to do much with youngsters, and I used to sing jamma to the kids far too frequently. I overexposed the youngsters to the streets “He revealed.

Fameye spoke fondly of his time spent instructing young people and the pleasure he had from it, but he also acknowledged that the headmistress of the school occasionally found his methods perplexing.


“Imagine introducing these East Legon kids to the songs I taught them. I used to be asked what I was doing by the headmistress. They used to pay me $150, which the kids referred to as “Teacher Peter.” “said Fameye.

Fameye is the stage name of Peter Famiyeh Bozah, a rapper and singer from Bogoso, Ghana. His track “Nothing I Get” is his most well-known work.


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