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Apple – First Generation iPhone From 2007 Auctioned Off For More Than $63,000.

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iPhone enthusiasts showed up and showed out at a recent auction!.

According to reports, a 2007 first generation Apple iPhone recently sold for a whopping $63,356.40 at an auction held this past Sunday (February 19th).

Reportedly, the device was owned by a tattoo artist named Karen Green who received the phone as a gift. Green says she never opened the device, however, because she didn’t want to switch carriers at the time. With a 3.5′ screen, 2-megapixel camera, and 8GB of storage, reports state the #Apple tech was originally estimated to go for around $50,000. However, after more than a dozen people placed bids, the price quickly grew much more.

Back in 2007, Apple and iPhone co-founder Steve Jobs revolutionized the tech industry with the innovative cellular device. Many mobile phone features, including the touch screen, web browser, phone camera, and music capabilities were popularized after its launch. During its 2007 debut, the iPhone sold for only $599, making its 2023 sell more than 100 times the original pricing.

Initially, Green reportedly had the device appraised after 12 years and was told it’d only be worth $5,000. However, the tattoo artist later saw an auction held by LCG where the same device was sold for $39,339.